Tips & Advice

Looking after your cake

We practice a high standard of care in ordering materials, preparing, storing and handling our cakes and would like to draw your attention to some helpful tips we have set out below to ensure your cake(s) are enjoyed to their optimum best.

a) Ensure that the vehicle you intend to transport your cake in is clean and free from all hazardous and contaminant materials and objects.

b) Ensure that you have a secure and safe flat area in your vehicle to accommodate a box of up to 20” square.

c) Keep cake(s) in the original box they were supplied in. Store in dry cool place, keep of the floor and away from strong odours, pets and plants. Keep out of fridge unless they contain fresh cream and fresh fruits. All cakes must be consumed within 7 days of delivery or collection.
d) Remove all decorations prior to cutting the cake to prevent accidental ingestion of non-edible materials in wired sugar flowers, non-edible Gem decorations, cocktail sticks, etc.
Note: The tips given above are as a guide only and are non-exhaustive. It is your responsibility to apply vigilance to ensure safe consumption of your cake.